November 3rd, 2022

Leadership Skills of the Future

Leadership skills of the future require new ways of thinking, “status-quo challenging” mindset and ability to adapt swiftly. Change has always been a constant, what is different today is the pace at which we’re experiencing change.


It’s no secret the future belongs to the leaders who can not only adjust but thrive in the fastest changing environments. Constant and exponential changes in technology, business strategies, workplace cultures and communication demand a whole new and improved set of skills. 

Why Business Leaders Can’t Ignore the Volatile Pace of Change 

From the increase of digitization to drastic changes in the workplace, to new trends in talent acquisition, plus the urgency to make our organizations more diverse, equitable and inclusive; what worked even a few months ago will no longer produce the same results. 

How rapid growth of digitization is affecting leadership roles. 

When asking CEOs what is the biggest trend impacting leadership, one of the most common responses I get is the rapid growth of artificial intelligence. We know that AI has the potential to transform how business and people work. While this technology poses tremendous benefits for innovation and growth, it also comes with added uncertainty. 

Resistance and lack of skills are just two challenges that come with increased digitization. 

It’s imperative that executives and leaders communicate the value of new technologies implemented. CEOs will also need to recruit talent with a strong technology background to stay competitive and continue scaling. 

New workplace landscape

Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever before. Future leaders must strive to create an inclusive environment with diverse teams who understand the importance of adapting to change and upleveling skills. 

Hybrid teams culture

The pandemic only accelerated the hybrid model of teams working remotely. The days of having every employee at their cubicle by 9am daily are over. Research shows that global workers expect to continue remote work and only come to the office as needed. Today’s and tomorrow’s successful leaders will be the ones who master communication skills and styles needed for this new model. 

Purpose and meaning

Organizations can no longer solely rely on “high salary” promises to acquire and retain competitive talent. Purpose and meaning are at the forefront of what employees are looking for in a job and career. Whether it’s driving innovation, investing in employees, impacting climate change, they want to know their efforts are making an impact towards a purpose bigger than money.


What does all this mean for the business leaders of the future?

The timeless leadership skills will still be crucial. You will still need to master communication, problem solving, decisiveness, team building and the ability to influence. But the changes we’re going through require additional skills and traits for long term success as a leader.

Whether you’re a CEO of an enterprise organization or an entrepreneur building your own empire, your leadership skills need to include: 

  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Foresight
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Self-Mastery

Along with solid communication skills, excellent listening and empathy skills are an essential set of skills to succeed in today’s business and workspace landscape.

With diversity, inclusivity and equity finally becoming the priority they deserve, a collaborative disposition, curiosity and open mindedness are crucial to being a conduit for teamwork. 

Creating a culture of ownership will require you to be open and know how and when to use vulnerability as a strength. 

Technology is only going to accelerate and the pace of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. Your ability to predict and adapt accordingly will dictate not only your success but the long term sustainability of your organization. 

It goes without saying innovation is at the forefront when it comes to achieving economic growth and staying current in today’s competitive world. 

In my experience coaching highly successful CEOs, self-mastery is key to integrating all these skills while maintaining the high level of performance you require as a top level leader in any organization. 

What are some ways to develop and master these trending skill sets? 

Learn and implement a positive intelligence practice. Positive intelligence is a practice that develops your mental muscles and mental fitness. A positive intelligence program alone can drastically improve your productivity and performance. 

Empathy towards yourself is just as important as towards your team. This will help you study your mistakes and increase your ability to foresee future ones. Practice these new skills and aim at mastering them. Ask for feedback and seek accountability from an executive coach or mentor. 

Remember caring for yourself is a priority. As cliché as “you can’t pour from an empty cup” sounds, learning to make you, your mental and physical wellbeing a top priority is non-negotiable. 

How can Executive & Leadership Coaching Help? 

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills, consider working with an executive and leadership coach. A good leadership coach will help you with: 

  • The accountability  you need to master these new skills
  • Achieve peak performance through increased mental fitness and self-mastery
  • Define new goals and objectives that match your new levels of success
  • Stay on track to achieve them
  • Provide feedback and insight as new challenges arise

The Future of Leadership is in Good Hands

These new set of trending skills demonstrate we’re moving towards a smarter and better future. Long gone are the days of power and control reigning the leadership bucket.

The ability to adapt, learn and think on your feet will continue to be important whether you’re managing a team or leading a fortune 500 company. As technology continues to evolve, so must our thinking and the way we do business. Above all we must remember what matters most: PEOPLE. 

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About the author

I’m an executive and leadership Certified Coach, CEO Development Strategist and above all I’m your biggest champion. If you are committed to becoming the confident, innovative, compassionate leader of the future, my mission is to help you every step of the way there.