February 20th, 2024

Leading with Impact: Secrets to ROI-Driven Leadership Development Programs

Interview with Stenback Digital Media: Akanke Adefunmi's Approach to ROI-Focused Transformative Leadership Coaching

In a world where leadership defines the trajectory of businesses and organizations, the advent of leadership development programs and executive coaching heralds a new era of leadership excellence. Akanke Adefunmi, a pioneering executive and leadership coach, shares transformative insights into how these initiatives not only bolster the ROI of leadership development but also profoundly integrate DEIB in leadership, sculpting the visionary leaders of the future.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Akanke, where she shared her wisdom on the impact and ROI of leadership development programs. We also spoke about her commitment to DEIB and how she's helping leaders and organizations not just navigate but thrive in this ever-changing business landscape. In this article, I break down the most important points of this insightful interview. 

The Essential Role of Leadership Development Programs

Leadership development programs serve as the cornerstone for cultivating a breed of leaders adept at steering their organizations through the challenges and opportunities of this new era of leadership. 

Akanke highlights just two of these program’s impact that are holistic in nature: 

- Enhanced Decision-Making and Emotional Intelligence:Leaders emerge equipped to make informed decisions and understand the emotional dynamics of their teams.

- Conflict Resolution: Enhanced skills in navigating and resolving conflicts lead to a more harmonious organizational culture.

- Executive & Corporate Teams Balance: Creating a balance between inner work and external productivity is crucial for leaders to perform at their best while fostering a culture where employees feel valued, connected, and aligned with their organization's purpose.

"Leadership isn't just about reaching targets. It's about creating a legacy of empowerment, diversity, and resilience," Akanke explains. 

As a leadership and executive coach, my mission is to help forge leaders who are not only successful but also genuinely transformative, inclusive, and equipped to lead with purpose and passion.

Holistic Leadership Development: Beyond the Boardroom

A well thought out and executed leadership program should be tailored to the individual’s growth as well as the overall goal of the organization.

You’re looking for personalized excellence through executive coaching. Akanke emphasizes a holistic approach to leadership coaching, integrating mindset, energy, spirit, and identity into her practice. 

Akanke’s approach illuminates the benefits of comprehensive holistic leadership coaching: 

- Deepened Self-Awareness: Leaders gain insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, fostering personal growth.

- Leadership Identity: Coaching helps leaders solidify their leadership style, aligning with their core values and the organization's goals.

This comprehensive method ensures that every aspect of an individual's being is accounted for in their development as a leader. By focusing on the whole person, Akanke helps leaders and their teams navigate challenges with a deeper understanding of themselves and their roles within their organizations.

Akanke’s leadership development programs are designed to cultivate a well-rounded understanding of both the self and the strategic landscape of business today. This approach leads to an ROI-focused framework perfect for both teams and executives development. 

Unveiling the ROI of Leadership Development

The investment in leadership growth extends beyond the personal; it significantly impacts organizational success. 

Akanke’s interview reveals:

- Organizational Performance: A direct correlation between leadership development and enhanced organizational metrics, including productivity and innovation.

- Employee Engagement & Retention: Programs and coaching lead to higher engagement levels, reducing turnover and fostering a committed workforce.

Akanke shares insights from a recent study revealing for every dollar invested, organizations see a sevenfold return, including and not limited to:

  • Increased revenue
  • Boost team productivity 
  • Employee retention
  • Reduced recruiting costs 
  • Enhanced company reputation

This data underscores the tangible benefits of investing in leadership development for both the individuals involved and the organization as a whole.

"It's not just about personal betterment; it's about uplifting the entire organization," she asserts.

From skyrocketing productivity to fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity, the returns on such investments are manifold and, frankly, undeniable.

Championing DEIB in Leadership

Akanke dedicates a significant part of her work to advancing DEIB within leadership ranks. The focus on inclusivity is not just moral but strategic, leading to:

- Inclusive Culture: Development programs and coaching are pivotal in creating environments where diversity is celebrated, and every member feels valued.

- Equitable Leadership Opportunities: By addressing biases and barriers, these initiatives open pathways for diverse talent to rise into leadership roles.

DEIB in leadership is critical for creating inclusive workplaces where every employee feels valued and empowered. Leadership development programs and coaching are essential tools in building leaders who can champion diversity and drive inclusive excellence.

"DEIB isn't a checkbox; it's the foundation of a thriving organizational culture," Akanke passionately notes.

Her work in this area is not just about fostering diversity, equity, inclusivity and belonging, but about embedding it into the very fabric of leadership and organizational practices.

Join the Conversation

For those eager to dive deeper into Akanke Adefunmi’s dynamic insights and infectious energy, I highly recommend watching the full interview. [Watch the full interview here].

The Leaders of Tomorrow, Shaped Today

As we delve into the insights shared by Akanke Adefunmi, it becomes clear that the future of leadership is being written today through deliberate and thoughtful development programs and a coaching framework.

These initiatives are not just about refining skills but about redefining what it means to lead in a complex, diverse, and ever-changing world.

As our conversation wrapped up, it was clear that Akanke Adefunmi is not just helping shape the leaders of today but inspiring the visionaries of tomorrow.

"Leadership is a journey of continuous growth, discovery, and courage. It's about being bold enough to redefine the norms and compassionate enough to include and uplift everyone along the way," Akanke concludes with a smile.

Embracing Your Leadership Journey

For those ready to embark on a transformative journey, challenge the status quo and lead with heart and boldness, Akanke Adefunmi's leadership development and executive coaching might just be the catalyst you need. 

Explore Akanke Adefunmi’s tailored leadership development programs and executive coaching services designed to unlock your potential and elevate your organization.

What's Next?

It was a pleasure talking with Gina Stenback on the ROI of leadership programs. When organizations empower their emerging leaders to reach their full potential, everyone wins.

If you're ready to become the leader of impact, inclusivity, and inspiration you’re meant to be, reach out today to start your journey.

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